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Wong Zee Yeng sworn-in as state’s first local council chairwoman
Tarikh : 12 Aug 2016
Zee Yeng (left) receives her duly-signed oath of office from Dr Sim as Penguang looks on.

Zee Yeng (left) receives her duly-signed oath of office from Dr Sim as Penguang looks on.

SARIKEI: A history of sort was created in Sarikei District Council (SDC) as it witnessed the first woman ever to be appointed as its chairperson here yesterday.

Minister of Local Government Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian, in witnessing the swearing-in of local councillors for the 2016-2018 term, confirmed that Wong Zee Yeng was the first woman ever to be appointed to helm a local council in the state.

Wong led the 30 councillors comprising 10 from Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP); nine from Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu; six from Sarawak Progressive Democratic Parti (SPDP); three from Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS); and two from United People’s Party (UPP).

Seventeen are new faces comprising all 10 from SUPP; three from SPDP; two from PBB; and two from UPP.

The new faces from SUPP, apart from the chairwoman, are Wong Sii Chung, Egong Undong, Setia Unggok, Liong Tak Liong, Ung Lik Liong, Lau Pick Hung, Tang Kee Woon, Lau Hieng Yuah and Kua Soon Lee.

The new faces from PBB are Abdul Kadir Bujang and Morshien Affandi, while those reappointed are Awangku Ibrahim Awang Husain (deputy chairman), Ahmad Telaha @ Ahmad Ali Telaha, Misiah @ Jamat Kadri, Iskandar Naziri, Petrus Enggom Pak Chie, Kelana Kipli, Abang Ibrahim Abang Kipni and Daramata’siah Abang Hipni.

Wong Siew Choo, Licius Ling Siew Wui, Yii Yen Hii and Kapok Ngumbang are the new faces from SPDP, while Barau Bandan and Janet Lee Chai Fong are reappointed.

Three from PRS – Papit Brandi, Charkes Jabu Ahat and Ting Ting Loi are reappointed, while the two new faces from UPP are Wong Jye Ling and Wong Siew Ming.

In her maiden speech, Zee Yeng pledged to give her level best to help transform this district into a progressive, safe and clean place to live in.

She hoped fellow councillors would work hand-in-hand to meet the high expectation placed by the community on them.

Among those present were Assistant Minister for Local Government Datu Penguang Manggil, Repok assemblyman Dato Sri Huang Tiong Sii, Meradong assemblyman Datuk Ding Kuong Hiing, Michael Saweng – who represented permanent secretary to the Local Government Ministry, Sarikei Resident Dr Anthony Valentine Laiseh and political secretary to chief minister Teng Ung Woo.

Source: Borneo Post Online