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New councillors reminded of heavy responsibility
Tarikh : 13 Feb 2014  Sumber Berita: Borneo Post Online

SARIKEI: The newly appointed councillors of Sarikei District Council (SDC) are reminded of the heavy responsibility accompanying their appointment.

This was due to the ever-growing expectations of the people from the government, said Assistant Minister of Local Government Datuk Sikie Tayai.

As the country practised a three-tier government system, the local government was in the front-line followed by the state legislative assembly and the parliament, he explained.

Being the front-liner, the local government represented by the appointed councillors was the closest to the people on the ground, he said, adding, they were the first to be approached by the people to voice out their problems and needs.

“As such the local government is in the best position to gather feedback from the ground which is vital for the state and federal governments to formulate a programme to address their problems,” he said when witnessing the official swearing-in of SDC councilors for 2014-2015 session here yesterday.

“The government wants feedback from all sections of the society, hence the newly appointed councillors comprise nominees from component parties of the Barisan Nasional (BN) and non-governmental organisations (NGO),” said Sikie, who is also Assistant Minister of Native Adat and Penan Affairs.

He also reminded the councilors that their role as components of the government was closely monitored by the oppositions who were looking for their weaknesses to score points with the people.

As such, he advised the councillors to execute their services diligently, with full commitment and to leave no room for the oppositions to make any complaint.

During the function, Chan Phan Chan and Dayang Raoyah Abang Adeng who were reappointed chairman and deputy chairman of Sarikei District Council (SDC) respectively led others in the swearing-in ceremony.

They were Yong Tack Onn, Hii Yew Tung, Wong Siew Ming, Ha Tiong Fong, Ley Kok Lun, Yip Vuo Ung, Law Ing Liong, Ngelana Aji, Stevenson Girie Aga of Sarawak United People’s Party; Ahmad Talha @ Ahmad Ali Teleha, Abang Ibrahim Abang Kipni, Chantong Kasi, Misiah @ Jamat Kadri, Awangku Ibrahim Awangku Hosain, Iskandar Nazri, Kelana Kipli, Leyana Talif, Petrus Enggom Pakcie of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB); Hereward Gramong Joseph Allen, Charles Jabu Arat, Ting Tui Loi of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS); Barau Bandan, Wong Chong Li, Janet Lee Chai Fong and Wong Chong Li of Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP); Jimmy Wong, Vincent Lau Sie Chang, Wong Hieh Yang, Wong Jye Ling and Wong Siew Ham from non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Chan, in his brief speech, thanked the government for the trust accorded to him and the other councillors and pledged to do their best.

Believing that all the appointed councilors fully understood the responsibilities entrusted to them, Chan called on them to work as a team and in sync with the government.

Saadi Sameon who stood in for Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office (Promotion of Technical Education) and Belawai aseemblyman Datu Len Talif Salleh, Deputy Resident (Development) Alex Liau and SDC secretary Noraisah Morsidi were among those present.