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Sarikei says no more polystyrene at eateries
Tarikh : 03 Oct 2014  Sumber Berita: Borneo Post Online

by Anthony Aga.

Chan (sixth left), Lau (seventh left) and others discard polystyrene boxes into the dustbin to symbolize the ‘Say No To Polystyrene’ campaign.

SARIKEI: The local council has taken a bold step to put a stop to the use of polystyrene to serve food at all eateries under its jurisdiction.

Yesterday, Sarikei District Council launched a ‘Say No to Polystyrene For Packaging of Food’ campaign at Medan Selera Sarikei here.

The campaign was in response to concerns raised by authorities on the health hazard and negative effect posed by polystyrene, council chairman Chan Phan Chan said.

“For the good of everyone and the environment, the Health Ministry discourages the use of polystyrene materials in our daily life.

“As an authority entrusted to oversee the operation of local eateries, SDC is duty-bound to ensure that food operators strictly comply with the food safety and cleanliness as well as a high standard of personal hygiene.”

All local food operators were advised to use biodegradeable materials such as paper boxes for packaging of take-away food, he said.

According to a study carried out by World Health Organisation (WHO) International Agency Research for Cancer polystyrene contained health hazardous substance such as styrene and carsinogen which are known to cause cancer.

Styrene is also known as a mutagen which could damage the reproductive system. Polystyrene is also known to contain benzene which is equally damaging to the environment.

Council secretary Noraisah Morshidi, chairman of Sarikei Coffeeshop Association Lau Ing Soon and councillors were among those present at the launching ceremony.